Since 1998, we have been implementing new and purposeful product designs(integrated waste management materials) in the field of health and environment, especially in the field of waste collection, packaging and transfer of waste sources.


    • Cutting and punching waste boxes (medical waste boxes)) 
    • Types Of Waste Bags (Medical Waste Bags) 
    • Waste Containers 
    • Medical Waste Collection Equipment 
    • Waste Separation Sets 
    • Non Woven cover and medical clothes 
    • Packaging Materials 
    • Industrial Cleaning Equipment 
    • Printed-Non-printed carrying bags and bags 
    • Hospital Textile we provide services for the needs in the field of health and environment.

      We conduct research to develop our products in accordance with the regulations in line with the demands of health organizations.

      We design and manufacture the most useful models by taking the views of corporate consumers. With nearly 20 years of experience, we are the leading brand in the sector in which our competitors are sampling.

      As a company, our goal is to increase our market share in the foreign market by taking the strength of our achievements in the domestic market and to improve our product diversity every year.

      We continue on our way with the slogan ‘success is finding long term solutions ’ without compromising our accuracy, our commitment to work and success.…

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Our strength in the domestic market and increasing our share in the foreign markets and to achieve new successes. By increasing our product diversity, knowledge and accumulation every year, becoming a brand that speaks its name in Turkey and in the global market.


Health organizations ‘demands meet their needs by developing products that can provide optimum benefits to their users in line with corporate consumers’ opinions and regulations.